Homeless Management Information Systems

Quality data effects the  community’s ability to  advocate for those most in need.
Is your Future ROSIE?
Some things we know … some things we know we don’t know. Having an HMIS that can tell you what you need to know to anticipate client needs, craft service delivery strategies, and win the battle to end homelessness will surely color your community’s future.That HMIS is ROSIE.
The Regional Online Service Information Exchange system provides reliable tracking of client data to communities and agencies serving the homeless. ROSIEis a web-based software application developed by Municipal Information Systems, Inc., located in St. Louis, MO. 
Quality data colors your ability to provide essential services to those struggling to survive
Data and planning are essential components to creating successful strategies to combat homelessness. Successfully allocating resources, measuring program performance, advocating for policy change, it all requires detailed and specific information. Your community needs information to engage policymakers, service providers, potential funders and volunteers in the efforts related to ending homelessness. ROSIEis a homeless management information system (HMIS) that can provide the data you need.

  • Client Demographics
  • Service Utilization Patterns
  • Gaps in Service Delivery
  • Program Outcomes
Quality data colors the significance of your program’s achievements
Shrinking budgets together with increased competition for limited funding has forced many communities to re-think service delivery strategies.ROSIEenables communities to identify performance “targets” and easily measure agency successes based on key factors, such as:

  • Bed utilization percentages
  • Length of stay averages
  • Permanent housing placements
  • Linkages with mainstream resources
  • Linkages with treatment programs
  • Increasing client income/income sources
More than just software
Establishing an effective homeless management system (HMIS) involves more than defining data elements and reviewing software options. There are technical decisions to make, hardware requirements and staffing needs to consider. For some communities the challenge is daunting. ROSIE offers an easier way. More than just a software application, ROSIEis a complete HMIS solution. For one inclusive fee, communities receive:

  • Professional data management
  • Data conversion/data integration
  • Direct contact with user support
  • Disaster recovery services, including hotsite facilities
  • Group and individual training
Communities and agencies dedicated to the eradication of homelessness in the United States have chosen ROSIE to take them into the future and beyond. Join the ROSIE community today, and discover what it means to have access to reliable and complete information on the clients you serve.

What is ROSIE?

ROSIE is a state-of-the art Homeless Management Information System.

The Regional Online Service Information Exchange system provides reliable tracking of client data to communities and agencies serving the homeless

Professional Training

Need training on ROSIE?
Our training professionals provide internet-based and onsite user training to new and current users of the ROSIE HMIS

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