At MISI, we are passionate about the idea that knowledge is power.  Especially, the shared knowledge that comes from community collaborations. Partners who sit, talk, and plan together create cohesive strategies to achieve progress!  One key strategy is effective data collection.  Communities with accurate data have more insight, better services, and better outcomes. It’s the competitive advantage we work to deliver everyday!


Municipal Information Systems, Inc., is a veteran provider of professional data management services to meet the information needs of non-profit service providers. Be it homeless services, health care management, community outreach or child daycare administration, MISI has extensive experience in the design, implementation and administration of specialized case management and service tracking systems.


Experience. It’s what service providers need when searching for assistance with information management. Three decades of experience is what they find when they partner with MISI. What else do they find?

  • A non-profit firm, nationally recognized for its ability to design and deliver software solutions tailored to meet the requirements of human service agencies.
  • Software products that strengthen the collaborative efforts of community service providers and meet the reporting demands of policy makers and
    program funders.
  • Accomplished and responsive professionals dedicated to providing technical support to ensure effective and cost efficient system operations
  • Cost effective applications designed to support the vision and mission of service providers.

For more information contact MISI at 800.536.6474. In the St. Louis metro area call 314.533.2320.


What is ROSIE?

ROSIE is a state-of-the art Homeless Management Information System.

The Regional Online Service Information Exchange system provides reliable tracking of client data to communities and agencies serving the homeless

Professional Training

Need training on ROSIE?
Our training professionals provide internet-based and onsite user training to new and current users of the ROSIE HMIS

Need Support?

Call the MISI Help Desk at 1-800-536-6474 Monday – Friday 6:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CST.

Evening and weekend calls are monitored and promptly answered